Just after completing 10+2 in Science, I started Teaching for a time being. As a teacher, i gained how to do labor and how to deal with others. With the massive dissatisfaction to society and social agents, i started Journalism.
Journalism not just for journalism. Journalism for change I thought I could change the society par excellence via media and devoted to this sector. I spent around 15 years in this field till now.
During this 15 years period: I got associated with following media organizations in different role: from stringer reporter to Sub-Editors


  1. Nepal Television
  2. Image Channel Television
  3. Sagarmatha Television
  4. ABC Television
  5. Himalaya Television
  6. Mountain Television
  7. Avenues Television
  8. NEWS 24 Television
    And Finally I started my own Television

In newspaper:

  1. Bazra Prahar Weekly
  2. Prateek Daily
  3. National-International Forum Monthly.
  4. Classified Weekly
  5. Loktantra Weekly
  6. The Disvovery and Invention Monthly
  7. Business Today: Weekly
  8. Education Today: Weekly